gino.dialects.asyncpg module

class gino.dialects.asyncpg.AsyncEnum(*enums, **kw)[source]

Bases: sqlalchemy.dialects.postgresql.base.ENUM

Construct an ENUM.

Arguments are the same as that of types.Enum, but also including the following parameters.


create_type – Defaults to True. Indicates that CREATE TYPE should be emitted, after optionally checking for the presence of the type, when the parent table is being created; and additionally that DROP TYPE is called when the table is dropped. When False, no check will be performed and no CREATE TYPE or DROP TYPE is emitted, unless create() or drop() are called directly. Setting to False is helpful when invoking a creation scheme to a SQL file without access to the actual database - the create() and drop() methods can be used to emit SQL to a target bind.

class gino.dialects.asyncpg.AsyncpgCompiler(dialect, statement, column_keys=None, inline=False, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: sqlalchemy.dialects.postgresql.base.PGCompiler

Construct a new SQLCompiler object.

  • dialectDialect to be used

  • statementClauseElement to be compiled

  • column_keys – a list of column names to be compiled into an INSERT or UPDATE statement.

  • inline – whether to generate INSERT statements as “inline”, e.g. not formatted to return any generated defaults

  • kwargs – additional keyword arguments to be consumed by the superclass.

property bindtemplate
class gino.dialects.asyncpg.AsyncpgCursor(context, cursor)[source]

Bases: gino.dialects.base.Cursor

class gino.dialects.asyncpg.AsyncpgDBAPI[source]

Bases: gino.dialects.base.BaseDBAPI

Error = (<class 'asyncpg.exceptions._base.PostgresError'>, <class 'asyncpg.exceptions._base.InterfaceError'>)
class gino.dialects.asyncpg.AsyncpgDialect(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: sqlalchemy.dialects.postgresql.base.PGDialect, gino.dialects.base.AsyncDialectMixin

colspecs = {<class 'sqlalchemy.sql.sqltypes.Interval'>: <class 'sqlalchemy.dialects.postgresql.base.INTERVAL'>, <class 'sqlalchemy.sql.sqltypes.Enum'>: <class 'gino.dialects.asyncpg.AsyncEnum'>, <class 'sqlalchemy.sql.sqltypes.JSON.JSONPathType'>: <class 'sqlalchemy.dialects.postgresql.json.JSONPathType'>, <class 'sqlalchemy.sql.sqltypes.JSON'>: <class 'sqlalchemy.dialects.postgresql.json.JSON'>, <class 'sqlalchemy.sql.sqltypes.ARRAY'>: <class 'sqlalchemy.dialects.postgresql.array.ARRAY'>, <class 'sqlalchemy.dialects.postgresql.base.ENUM'>: <class 'gino.dialects.asyncpg.AsyncEnum'>, <class 'sqlalchemy.sql.sqltypes.NullType'>: <class 'gino.dialects.asyncpg.GinoNullType'>}

alias of DBAPICursor


alias of AsyncpgDBAPI

driver = 'asyncpg'

alias of AsyncpgExecutionContext

init_kwargs = {'command_timeout', 'connection_class', 'database', 'host', 'init', 'loop', 'max_cacheable_statement_size', 'max_cached_statement_lifetime', 'max_inactive_connection_lifetime', 'max_queries', 'max_size', 'min_size', 'passfile', 'password', 'port', 'server_settings', 'setup', 'ssl', 'statement_cache_size', 'timeout', 'user'}

return a callable which sets up a newly created DBAPI connection.

This is used to set dialect-wide per-connection options such as isolation modes, unicode modes, etc.

If a callable is returned, it will be assembled into a pool listener that receives the direct DBAPI connection, with all wrappers removed.

If None is returned, no listener will be generated.


alias of AsyncpgCompiler

supports_native_decimal = True
transaction(raw_conn, args, kwargs)[source]
class gino.dialects.asyncpg.AsyncpgExecutionContext[source]

Bases: gino.dialects.base.ExecutionContextOverride, sqlalchemy.dialects.postgresql.base.PGExecutionContext

class gino.dialects.asyncpg.AsyncpgIterator(context, iterator)[source]

Bases: object

class gino.dialects.asyncpg.DBAPICursor(dbapi_conn)[source]

Bases: gino.dialects.base.DBAPICursor

property description
class gino.dialects.asyncpg.GinoNullType[source]

Bases: sqlalchemy.sql.sqltypes.NullType

result_processor(dialect, coltype)[source]

Return a conversion function for processing result row values.

Returns a callable which will receive a result row column value as the sole positional argument and will return a value to return to the user.

If processing is not necessary, the method should return None.

  • dialect – Dialect instance in use.

  • coltype – DBAPI coltype argument received in cursor.description.

class gino.dialects.asyncpg.NullPool(url, loop, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: gino.dialects.base.Pool

property raw_pool
class gino.dialects.asyncpg.Pool(url, loop, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: gino.dialects.base.Pool

property raw_pool
class gino.dialects.asyncpg.PreparedStatement(prepared, clause=None)[source]

Bases: gino.dialects.base.PreparedStatement

class gino.dialects.asyncpg.Transaction(tx)[source]

Bases: gino.dialects.base.Transaction

property raw_transaction